Pine Crest 1st Grade
Spelling Test

Welcome to Spelling City.  Want to try the Spelling Test?


We should be ready for prime time this Spring.  In the meantime, you may give us a try. You'll find that we are not yet finished.
Students will be able to use this site to help prepare for their spelling tests.

Students study more when it's fun,!

Students- As you know, one of the problems of preparing for spelling tests is that someone needs to read the words to you.  Sometimes, Mom has to work and Dad has to cook.  For these times, come to

Teachers - makes practicing for spelling tests fun.  Can you imagine your students talking at lunch about how much fun they had practicing their spelling words? And it's only going to get better.  Why? Because' teachers have been telling me exactly what a site should have in it.  And we're not finished yet. Please, keep the feedback coming.

We've started with 15,000 entries. We look at every word requested. We expect to add thousands more in the months ahead!  The more you use the site, the better it'll get.

Here's what the teachers told us that they wanted in a web site for spelling tests:
1. A quality site with human voices. Each word spoken in a sentence.  A sentence written by humans, not software. A site which knows the difference between ant and aunt, tee and tea, their and they're.  So there! 
2.  A fun easy-to-use site which kids like to use and which has a sense of humor. 
3.  A fun site which works from any computer with an internet connection.  Mac or PC, Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.  Kids like our site. 
4.  A site where the teachers can post their words for each week.
5. A site where the kids can easily find their teacher's lists.
6.  A site which is not full of inappropriate materials.
7. A site which solicits feedback from teachers and then actually takes their input (do you feel that a word is mispronounced? missing?  do you have other feedback? Tell us!).
Homeschoolers - We have alot planned for you. Stay tuned.
Publishers & School Districts - Some publishers have asked us to integrate their spelling lists on our site. We are pleased to accomodate you but need it in writing. Some school districts have asked about a special arrangements and level of integration. Our means are limited but we would like to accomodate everyone.
Interested in support for other languages? Me too. Contact us if you'd like to work with us.
So here is it, Click here to see our page template.

We thank you for using it. Save it as a favorite.  Tell us what you like about it and what you don't.  Best of all, post your spelling lists to it. Tell your friends. And link your class or school site to our site. We take feedback thru the onsite contact form (yes, it's coming soon).

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