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How do you use SpellingCity.com?
How do you use interface work?
How does the 'teach me' button work?
What are the sample tests?
How does the capitalization work?
What is Case Sensitive Mode?
When will SpellingCity be ready?

How do you use SpellingCity.com? top

The simplest way to use the site is for a student to enter his words and then use the site to practice for his test.  In increasing number of cases, teachers are putting their lists up on the site to encourage their students to use it.

How does the user interface work? top

User Interface - After you enter a word, you can descend to the next spot by using the return, enter, tab, or arrow down key.  When taking the test, to hear the word or sentence, you can either click on the buttons or, for advance users, you can put your cursor in a box and press control-d to hear the word, or control- to hear the sentence.  (Some users might ask why we did not use control-w to say the word or control-s for sentence. The reason is that those short-cuts are reserved for "saving" and closing windows).  On a Mac (tbd).

How does the 'teach me' button work? top

First, you enter some words into the yellow boxes, and then click 'teach me'. Then a page with a 'start practice' button will appear. Click that button to hear the word spelled out, along with its sentence. If you want to hear the sentence again, just click the 'sentence' button. Click the 'next word' button to hear the other words you entered. When you're ready to try the test, click the 'start test' button.

What are the sample tests? top

The sample tests are specific word lists, such as common kindergarten or 4th grade words. They also include specialty lists, like dinosaurs and Harry Potter words.

How does the capitalization work? top

For most words, SpellingCity does not pay attention to whether you have used capital or lower case letters.  To be clear, spellingcity will consider all of the following as correct: CAT, Cat, cat.  For proper nouns such as states or countries, the words must start with a capital letter to be considered correct.  For instance, alaska is wrong. But ALASKA or Alaska would be right.

What is Case Sensitive Mode? top

In Case Sensitive Mode, students can practice correctly using upper and lower cases.  When case sensitive mode is on, SpellingCity.com will consider a word correct when capital letters are only used when necessary. For example, all of the following would be wrong in case sensitive mode:  Frog, france, Fist, FRAME, and faT.

When will SpellingCity be ready? top

Great question! We are working on it now as we 'spell', and it should be fully-function by summer.
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